When we first attended “The Amelia,” as it’s come to be known, it was rapidly gathering steam as a world-class event. Fast forward 17 years to a series of events that should be on any serious car-guy’s bucket list. In the coming days GearBoxTV will give you a virtual back-stage pass to The Amelia.

There are now five-world class auctions, where world record sales prices are shredded like confetti. A modern Lambo, or Ferrari rumbles by the entrance to the Ritz-Carlton home base, and spectators barely notice, because there are sooooo many other unbelievable cars in view that it overwhelms the senses. The entire four days is a living breathing smorgasbord of the amazing.

After attending this event for numerous years, and becoming familiar with the flow of things we’ve concluded it simply isn’t possible to see and do it all. We’ll try and break it down to the basics for you. We’ve included a link to each event for specific schedules (just click the images below).

Remember this is Florida in the Spring, weather is changeable so we recommend carrying a light jacket.

Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance

Ritz Carlton Amelia Island

Amelia Select Auction

Omni Amelia Island Resort

Bonham’s Amelia Island Auction

Fernandina Golf Club

R.M. Sotheby’s Amelia Island Auction

Ritz Carlton Amelia Island Resort

Gooding Amelia Auction

Omni Amelia Island Resort

Festivals of Speed

Omni Amelia Island Resort

Motostalgia Collector Car Auction

4171 Amelia Island Parkway- Fernandina Beach