Mercedes-Benz Concept X-CLASS

When you combine the best bits of a pickup truck and a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the result is what you see here. How’s that for a crossover?

This ‘Powerful Adventurer’ in yellowish green and ‘Stylish Explorer’ in whitish silver are two extreme variations based on the same theme. That theme is a medium size premium truck from the inventor of the automobile.

Mercedes-Benz Concept X-CLASS

The cabin might look familiar to some, since the starting point for this luxury truck is the Nissan Navara, the same model that Renault uses as the underpinnings for their Alaskan. Competition is ruthless in this segment, with established models like the Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux and Chevrolet Colorado and relative newcomers like the Fiat Fullback, and Volkswagen Amarok. Mercedes-Benz are convinced however, that customers are happy to pay a premium for a more upmarket pickup that can double as a comfortable and safe family vehicle next to being a work horse.

The top-of- the-line X-Class will be powered by a V6 turbodiesel combined with 4Matic permanent all wheel drive. Detailed technical information will be released closer to the launch date, which is planned for the third quarter of 2017. Mercedes-Benz did mention a payload of 2,430 punds (1.1 metric ton) and a towing rate of 7,720 punds (3.5 metric ton) putting the X-Class on the top spot in its segment.

Key markets according to Mercedes-Benz will be Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. If the competition on the US market is too intimidating for ‘Das Haus’ is unknown, but we will not be surprised if the X-Class will eventually find its way to American shores.